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“Urban and Landscape Design” Seminar – Wrapping up two-decade experience

“Urban and Landscape Design” Seminar – Wrapping up two-decade experience

On the morning of September 22nd, 2022, the “Urban and landscape design” seminar was held by A79 Joint Stock Company (JSC) – Alphanam Group at 33A Ba Trieu, Hanoi. The program attracted the participation of a large number of A79’s architects and engineers; In particular, there was the presence of two highly-professional and experienced architects to share knowledge.

Today, on the Alphanam side, there was the presence of Chairman Nguyen Tuan Hai, Mr. Bui Hoang Tuan – member of the Board of Directors of A79 JSC, Mrs. Au Thien Huong – Director of Supply Department, Mr. Giang Nguyen Hong Van – Deputy Director of A79 Joint Stock Company, Mr. Vu Anh Tuan – Deputy Director of A79 Joint Stock Company; along with related representatives of the A79’s managers and employees.

Notably, the two speakers of the program are Dr. Arch Ngo Trung Hai – Chairman of the Board of Directors of A79 JSC and MA (USA) arch. Thai Lan Anh – Chairwoman and CEO of PLA STUDIO and Vice President of Landscape Architects Association (Vietnam Architects Association). Ms. Lan Anh graduated with a Master of Arts in Urban Design from the University of Cincinnati – USA; is an architect in the fields of Landscape Design, Urban Design, Sustainable Planning and Design. With more than 15 years of experience, MA (USA) arch. Thai Lan Anh has worked as a designer/leader in lots of large-scale projects such as: Vinhomes Ocean Park, Vinhomes Smart City, Ocean Valley Hotel (Binh Thuan, Vietnam)… Arch. Ngo Trung Hai and arch. Thai Lan Anh came to the seminar with the desire to help people better understand “urban design” and “landscape architecture” – two fields that play an important role in creating the success of architecture works, the quality of urban space and improving the spiritual life of the community.

At the opening remark, arch. Ngo Trung Hai confided that he was always touched to share his 20-year experience with the A79 architects: “You must have a burning flame, passion, and intoxication for work”. He presented the concept of urban design, the 5 main factors that create the image, the decrees and regulations on urban architecture management and affirmed: “Urban design is the bridge between urban planning and architecture, is the art of creating living space for people”. The overall perspective of Thu Thiem New Urban Area is demonstrated to be a vivid example. Arch. Ngo Trung Hai shared his accumulated knowledge of two decades, gathered from his trips, from his learning and working process to pass on to the next generation.

In the second part of the program, arch. Thai Lan Anh shared some approaches to landscape design projects, “design focuses on user experience”. She emphasized: “Design is not only about external aesthetics, but also about proper operation, starting from the user’s needs and then putting the pen to design, not forcing users to follow the architect’s own subjective design”. To make more intuitive, arch. Thai Lan Anh showed some specific illustrations of the PLA’s projects, thereby generalizing the issues that are considered the most important when approaching a project.

At the end of the seminar, the two speakers worked on a Q & A session from  the A79 attendees.

At the program, Chairman Nguyen Tuan Hai talked about the necessity and value of the program, and expressed his wish that Alphanam and the PLA could cooperate in many other projects, firstly in Bac Lieu and Sapa. He affirmed: “Landscapes can create international highlights, which are always important for big projects. Hopefully, together we will create different and valuable products, have our name etched on life with future great wonders.”

Mr. Hoang Duc My, Head of Verification Department, A79 Joint Stock Company,  expressed: “This seminar has broadened my horizons about architectural design and urban design, and many related issues”. It can be said that the seminar brought many valuable experiences to the attendees.

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