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Alphanam Group được thành lập từ ngày 19/8/1995, với xuất phát điểm là một nhà thầu cơ điện. Trải qua hơn 1/4 thế kỷ, Alphanam Group hiện là Tập đoàn kinh tế đa ngành lớn mạnh, với các lĩnh vực mũi nhọn là Bất động sản, Sản xuất công nghiệp, Khách sạn – du lịch và Giáo dục. Các lĩnh vực hoạt động của Tập đoàn đang không ngừng mở rộng, với những dự án tầm cỡ tại nhiều tỉnh, thành phố trên khắp cả nước.

Establishment and development history

Alphanam Group was established from August 19, 1995, with the starting point of being a mechanical and electrical contractor. Over the course of more than a quarter of a century, Alphanam Group is a strong economic group, with focal areas of Real Estate, Industrial Production, Hospitality – Tourism, Mechanical and Electrical. The Alphanam Group’s areas of activity are constantly expanding, with large-scale projects in many provinces and cities across Vietnam

In the period of 2016 - Present

Alphanam identified Real Estate Investment, Hotel Management and Services as a focus area with more than 50 projects, land fund of more than 5,000 ha deployed throughout the country.  […]


Strive to be the leader in each of our operating area.
Develop sustainably with highest benefits for Alphanam and the community

core values


Human Resources is the most valuable asset and the strength of the Alphanam Group; solidarity and dedication are people-centric value.


Alphanam Group is determined to provide customers with the best products at the most competitive prices.


Profit is the measurement for perfection to products and the assessments from customers to Alphanam Group's efforts.


Alphanam Group values its principles in implementing and offering products and services. In terms of investor’s responsibility, we lay the foundation to improve life quality of others in the community.

is survival

Continuously striving to reach perfection that meets customers' expectations of Alphanam Group branded products.


Alphanam Group works for customers' best benefits in thought and action.

is power

Alphanam Group works with trust and respect for each other, appreciating the diversity of each individual and the cultural identity of locality.


Alphanam Group maintains mutually beneficial and developed relationships with agents, business partners, suppliers and businesses.


It is a civilized and responsible manner towards oneself and the company, which is the key to coexistence and development.


Alphanam Group has received many noble awards of the Party, Government, State, Ministries, Departments and Sectors, as a result of the BOD and employees’ efforts and striving.